Richard Michalak

Director of Photography

Features Films (Main Unit): 
A Dusty Town (2015) Australia
The Competition (2010) Australia 
Newcastle (2008) Australia 
Gordy (1995), a children’s film shot in Georgia, USA.
The Discoverers (1993), an IMAX movie. Period lit interiors included the first IMAX on Steadicam. 
White Wolves (1993), a Roger Corman teen coming-of-age movie.
Guilty As Charged (1993), A stylised legal thriller starring Rod Steiger. 
3 Ninjas (1992), a young teen martial arts adventure.
Double Trouble (1992), an LA based cop comedy-drama with Roddy McDowell (Planet of The Apes), David Carradine (Kung Fu), Troy Donahue, Billy Mumy (Lost in Space) and James Doohan (Star Trek). 
Body Chemistry II: Voice of a Stranger (1992), a Roger Corman LA based thriller.
Children of the Night (1991), a teen-horror film shot in Wisconsin, USA with Karen Black.
Fatal Sky (1990), a science fiction mystery in pre civil war Yugoslavia with Charles Durning.
Driving Force (1989) an American tow-truck action film shot in the Philippines.
Breaking Loose (1988), a Phil Avalon produced Australian surf drama.
Incident at Ravens Gate (1989) a rural science fiction movie set in South Australia. 
Thankyou Jack (1985) about an old man, a single mother and her dying son. 
Tale of a Tiger (1984), a children’s film about a young boy, an old man and a Tiger Moth biplane. 

Feature Films (Second Unit):
As Second Unit Director of Photography I worked on 
What Dreams May Come (1998) with Robin Williams and Max Von Sydow.
Dark City” (1998) with William Hurt and Kiefer Sutherland.
Mad Max 2 (1984) Uncredited 2nd Unit DoP.

Other Credits
Heatwave (1982) 2nd Unit camera Operator
The Little Convict (1979) Camera Assistant

TV and Cinema commercials for all major products and brands including Corporate Image, Automobiles, Cosmetics, Hair and Food Products including Breakfast Foods, Soft Drinks, Gourmet Foods, Breads, Hot Drinks and Alcohol.

Short Drama Films:
Bars and Tone (2011)
Gunderwilly Road (2011)
Change Given (2008) 
The Visitor (2002)
Tread Softly (1980) 

While not pursuing them, Richard has acquired 10 major awards.
2008 Australian Silver ACS Award for Feature Film Cinematography for   
1999 Academy Awards – Invited to the ceremony as part of the 
         What Dreams May Com Visual FX team – we won.
1994 USA Gold Mobius Award for Advertising Cinematography
1994 UK London Advertising Award for Advertising Cinematography
1994 New Zealand Axis Award for Advertising Cinematography
1994 New Zealand Film Award for Advertising Cinematography
1994 USA Clio Awards Finalist in Advertising Cinematography
1980s (Mid) Awarded Australian Cinematographers Society 
          Accreditation. ACS.
1980 Australian ACS Award for Best Short Fiction Film Cinematography
1980 AFI Award for Best Short Fiction Film Direction for “Gary’s Story”
1980 Sammy Award for Best Short Fiction Film Direction for 
        “Gary’s Story”

There are few techniques or styles in conventional film making that Richard hasn’t done.
he is friendly, fast and creative and has extensive experience with children, complex visual effects, travel, beauty, tabletop, etc etc. on all current cameras and formats.
He regularly travels to places he has never been and works smoothly and well with people he has never met before. Richard copes well with jet lag and the long working days of the modern film industry.

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+61(412) 780-715